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Manthly News - マンスリーニュース

Yasuo Arai & Heavens Four
King Ambassador Hotel
Lunch Time Show

12/4/2022 Sun. 12:30 p.m.

5 minutes walk from Kumagaya Station
Gorgeous course lunch at a nice hotel!
Enjoy jazz while you eat!

by appointment only
¥ 7,000 (Lunch course included)

[Player]Yumi Arai(P&Vocal) Yasuo Arai(Vo)
Izumi Kato(G) Toshiyuki Ando(Ts)
Mikio Oto(B) Naohisa Hatakeyama(Ds)

Union Music Trainee Concert

12/11/2022 Sun. 14:00 p.m.

The Heavens Four will be playing in the background.

[Player]Union Music Trainee

[Background Player]
Yumi Arai(P) Yasuo Arai(Vo)
Toshiyuki Ando(Ts) Mikio Oto(B)
Akira Yokokawa(Ds) Scott Zollner(Vo)

The Latest Information - 最新情報

Yasuo Arai & Heavens Four

"ELDORADO-8" ¥1,500

The love of sorrow, the departure, the remembrance.
Singing of grief and love for the loss of a pet.

  • Yasuo Arai(Vo)
  • Yumi Arai(Vo/P)
  • Izumi Kato(G)
  • Masaru Hokotate(Ts)
  • Mikio Oto(B)
  • Naohisa Hatakeyama(Ds)
虹の橋 ELDORADO Vol.8

"ELDORADO-8" Now on sale!!(¥1,500)

Yasuo Arai & Heavens Four

"ELDORADO-7" ¥1,800

Includes famous Japanese songs!
A long awaited piece for fans.

  • Yasuo Arai(Vo)
  • Yumi Arai(Vo/P)
  • Izumi Kato(G)
  • Masaru Hokotate(Ts)
  • Yada Nobuyoshi(B)
  • Bison Katayama(Ds)

"ELDORADO-7" Now on sale!!(¥1,800)


Yasuo Arai & Heavens Four

"Singing Famous Rivers of Japan"¥2,000

Longtime jazz singers Yasuo Arai & Heavens Four take on Japanese emotion for the first time.
The result is a gentle, nostalgic, and The result is a healing work of play.

  • 新井ゆみ(Vo)
  • 大徳俊幸(P)
  • 鉾立勝(Ts)
  • 加藤泉(G)
  • 矢田佳延(B)
  • 菅原光則(Ds)
  • 新井泰男(Vo)

"Singing Famous Rivers of Japan" Now on sale!!(¥2,000)

Yasuo Arai & Heavens Four

Music CD Now on sale!!

"ELDORADO-8" (¥1,500)
"ELDORADO-7" (¥1,800)
"ELDORADO-6" (¥2,000)
"ELDORADO-5" (¥2,000)
"ELDORADO-4" (¥2,500)
"ELDORADO-3" (¥2,500)
"ELDORADO-2" (¥2,500)
"ELDORADO-1" (¥2,500)
"Singing Famous Rivers of Japan" (¥2,000)